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SCRC is the multidisciplinary Social Computing Research Centre  of the Cyprus University of Technology aiming to address research and educational needs in the area of Social Computing in Cyprus.



The Centre’s projects are typically cross-disciplinary embracing Social Computing in a broad sense and focusing on influencing research strategy, policy and practice. SCRC consists of a highly skilled interdisciplinary young team bringing under common umbrella faculty members from the Cyprus Interaction Lab the Microsoft Computer Games and Emerging Technologies Research Lab, the Visual Media Computing Lab and the Network Science and Systems Laboratory. SCRC fosters a rich environment of collaboration between Departments of the University, within Cyprus, Europe, Canada and Africa.


New Scientist covers SCRC's study of the Gab social network

Savvas Zannettou at Cyprus University of Technology and his colleagues set up an account on Gab, then cross-checked posts against terms in H ...

A day in the life of a UX Researcher at Google

The Social Computing Research Centre (SCRC) (http://www.socialcomputing.eu/) at the Cyprus University of Technology, through its EU-funded p ...

SCRC Summer Schools

The Social Computing Research Centre at the Cyprus University of Technology provides a select cohort of Postgraduate and PhD students the op ...

First Review of ENCASE

On April 21st, 2017 the first Review of ENCASE took successfully place at the Università Degli Studi Roma TRE – Italy

Web Information Extraction, Sematic Entity Identification and Linking by Associate Prof. Nick Bassiliades

In April 10, 2017 Associate Prof. Nick Bassiliades of the Aristotle University presented a lecture on Web Information Extraction, Sematic En ...