ENGINITE – ENGineering and INdustry Innovative Training for Engineers via PBL

Description: ENGINITE aims to design and promote a postgraduate Vocational Education and Training (VET) programme based on a Problem Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy and will combine advanced applied academic topics with hands-on aspects, in order to endorse the knowledge and skills of graduate engineers, preparing them for the industry of the 21st century. Via a PBL approach to training, ENGINITE postgraduate vocational training programme will captivate the career and employability skills of the new engineers – among others: innovation, entrepreneurial skills, efficient quality, health and safety management, problem solving, communication and presentation skills – while it will also enhance technical knowledge in critical fields of engineering. Upon the completion of postgraduate VET programme, participants will be able to enter the labor market, lead multidisciplinary teams, and provide added-value and substantial contribution to their organization.

Funded: Erasmus plus – KA2: Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Duration: 24 months (1/11/2017-30/10/2019)

Partners: Cyprus University of Technology, CUBEIE L.L.C., GrantXpert consulting Ltd, Aalborg university, Technical University of Crete, Useful Simple Projects Limited

Budget: 214.881,00

CUT Budget: 62506