The Social Computing Research Centre focuses on the intersection of Computing and Social Sciences addressing key societal challenges and enhancing effective links between education, research, and innovation – the three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’. Some of these challenges are:
(a) inclusive, innovative and secure societies (including cyber-security)
(b) information and communication technologies
(c) alignment of society (including societal actors such as researchers, citizens, policy makers, business, third sector organisations etc) with research and innovation process
(d) seizing the ICT opportunities for engaging society more in its research and innovation activities.
SCRC has been successful in attracting funds to achieve the following overarching objectives:
1. Create an autonomous centre of excellence that will produce high quality research focusing on the intersection of Computing and Social Sciences aligned with the Cyprus Smart Specialization Strategy (S3CY) and the national needs.
2. Nurture a critical mass of researchers in a highly dynamic environment to tackle critical sector issues from the disciplines of computing/engineering, human-computer interaction, visual computing, communications and social sciences.
3. Promote a healthy research culture within and between SCRC and other national and international research and industry hubs in view of attracting additional research and innovation funding.

4. Utilize social computing as a mechanism for social innovation in transforming underdeveloped areas and sectors in Cyprus.