SUGAR – INTERNATIONAL/USA/0118/0058 Sustainable Urban Governance through Augmented Reality

Description: The Sustainable Urban Governance through Augmented Reality (SUGAR) project aims to develop innovative best-practice protocols and guidelines on Sustainable Urban Governance and specifically Public Participation through Augmented Reality, building on the existing collaboration and expertise of two state universities in Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology and the University of Cyprus and a world-leading Centre of Excellence in the field from USA, Harvard University. This project investigates the role of participation as the process that users, and other stakeholders, are actively involved in the decision-making process through the approach of achieving Sustainable Urban Governance and utilising innovative immersive technologies (specifically AR). SUGAR aims to empower both citizens that seek ways to participate in the decision-making process for the design of their cities and neighbourhoods and stakeholders that would like to involve the public actively in the process of shaping their environment creating a lasting and meaningful impact.

Funded: RPF

Duration: 12 months (18/03/2019-17/03/2020)


Budget: 80000

CUT Budget: 67820