The aiD Kick-off meeting took place at 09 and 10 of December 2019, at Athens-Greece. It was hosted at EGG[1], as a kind sponsorship of Eurobank Hellas.

Kick-off meeting agenda

Each beneficiary participated with at least one person, who attended the meeting either on-site or via video conference. The full participant’s catalogue can be found in Annex.

The meeting was focused on establishing common ground for the project team regarding the work packages, the milestones and the necessary deliverables as well as the challenges involved. The detailed agenda can be found at Annex.

Finally, the Coordinator discussed thoroughly the managerial requirements that every beneficiary and each researcher have in the context of the project. It was explained in detail how the financial processed work and which are the corresponding required documents, in order to ensure the prompt and valid delivery of all secondments.

aiD Kick-off meeting